Our Free Tools

"All coaching is, is taking 'Coachees' where they can't take themselves." Adaptation of a quote from Bill McCartney


  • CoachCouncil.com presents a bunch of free tools for you to appreciate the value of Coaching!
  • No login needed. None of our tools need a login
  • Each tool has a few "screens". Each screen may have a maximum of 2 questions. Very quick, just go with your most natural and instinctive answers.
  • Read more about our vision and other interesting stuff, on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Use links at the bottom of this page to stay uptodate whenever we add new features! (we do not have an active mailing list yet. We are not tremendously fond of emails).
  • You could also contact us if you have ideas or thoughts on more free tools to promote Coaching.



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