Our Vision & other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our vision at CoachCouncil.com is to help everyone realise the priceless and invaluable potential of Coaching, as we feel that there are some who don't really understand the concept of Coaching

    We would like individuals as well as organizations give it a try by employing professionals and contribute to making this world a much more happier and enjoyable place to live in.

  • We sincerely believe in our hearts that Coaches can help this make our world a much happier place. We plan to spread the awareness of Coaching by providing FREE tools that offer an insight to Coaching

    The free tools intend to help an individual to know themselves better. After all, in our view, that is the very foundation of any Coaching engagement.

  • Absolutely NOT! There is no substitution for human interaction. To ascertain this, we had even tried several tools such as automated chatbots, Google's DialogueFlow, some other NLP techniques, and we finally narrowed it down to our current approach.

    These tools here are intended to provide a sneak preview to what Coaching could mean, and they probably only cover 1% of what a Professionally Trained Coach can offer.

  • Coaching is a passion for the Founder of CoachCouncil, Venky, and has been his passion for several years now. He doesn't believe in money being the only driving factor to fuel his passion. So, yes, this web site shall stay free!

  • We ask for a name for now, that's it :-). For some features, like leaving a comment on a page, emailing us, we will need your email address. Unless EXPLICITLY stated, we will not add you to any mailing list. We are NOT FOND of mailing lists at CoachCouncil.com.

    In the future, some day, some tools may require a sign in because those tools may be consuming a paid for API or Service in the background. By requesting users to sign-in (at NO cost) to use these tools, we ensure that we continue to provide such free tools to only those who are serious about what we have to offer.

  • We use cookies in two ways: One is to provide a personalised experience for you! Secondly, we also use it to ensure that the tools, while being visible to automated bots, they are now "allowed" to use these tools. Cookies are harmless pieces of data: search the web using your favorite search engine and see for yourself. See our Privacy and Terms of Service for more information.

  • It depends on the "remember" option that was used. For example, on this browser that you are currently using, while interacting with some parts of the web site, you would have opted for the information to be "remembered"

    Try it.. you could choose option now:

    If you'd like to just get rid of whatever we "remember" about you, just delete all the cookies for coachcouncil.com on your browser. There are plenty of ways to do this: see google for some examples.

  • Take a wild guess :-)

  • We will not email you unless you allow us to add you to our mailing list. Any other data that you share will be kept absolutely confidential and shall be shared with others only after your explicit approval. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service pages for more information.

  • You could contribute in any way you wish, depending on your interest and expertise, functionally, technically, financially, etc.

    • There have been a number of persons and organizations who have helped create CoachCouncil.com. See our acknowledgements page for more information.
    • Should you wish acknowledgement of your contribution, we'd be happy to do that on our web site and on our other social media platforms
    • For example, if you are a Professional Coach, you could help us design more self coaching tools
    • If you are a software developer, or a graphics designer, you could help us expand this web site or improve it further
    • You have a different expertise than the above that could help the World? Just contact us